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The contributors

This manual is made by HHRI and has been written with the insight and knowledge of several contributors with extensive experience within the field of trauma and trauma treatment. Divided by all they have been working with survivors in 26 countries in war as well as post conflict and in times of peace.

Nora Sveaass is a clinical psychologist and Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology, University of Oslo, Nora Sveaass chairs Health and Human Rights Info and until 2013 was a member of the UN Committee against Torture. She has worked for many years with survivors of trauma and forced migration at Oslo Universitys Psychosocial Centre for Refugees, and is currently directing a research project on transitional justice.

Doris Drews is a specialist in psychiatry, who for many years has treated severely traumatised clients. In addition to working as a therapist and teaching, she is currently head of the emergency unit at a large psychiatric outpatient clinic near Oslo.

Katinka Salvesen is a clinical psychologist who works with trauma patients at the Modum Bad Clinic in Oslo. An experienced trainer, she has trained helpers working with survivors of sexual violence in Congo. A graduate in art and expressive therapy, she lectures at the Regional Centre for Violence and Traumatic Stress, Oslo, on mapping and diagnosis, training and specialisation, and relational trauma and processing.

Annika With is an actress and expressive art therapist with years of experience in trauma treatment and sensorimotor psychotherapy, as well as eye movement desensitisation reprocessing (EMDR) and narrative exposure therapy (NET). She is a skilled trainer, and runs groups for ethnic Norwegians and minority people in Norway. She also runs groups for and is doing individual therapy with dissociative patients at the Modum Bad Clinic, Oslo. A.With has developed teaching material and trained helpers working with survivors of sexual violence in Congo. She is one of two authors of “The Butterfly Woman: Handbook for women who live difficult lives”.

Solveig Dahl a psychiatrist, was one of the founders of the Rape Victims Services in an emergency ward in Oslo. Her doctorate thesis examined rape as a health risk. She was a Special Adviser to Norwegian Peoples Aid on womens projects during the war in the Balkans from 1993 to 1995, and Mental Health Coordinator for the World Health Organisations Rehabilitation of War Victims programme in 1995-1996. She has worked with traumatised refugees in Norway at Oslo Universitys Psychosocial Centre for Refugees.

Helen Christie is a clinical psychologist and special adviser at the Regional Centre for Children and Adolescent Mental Health, East and South (R-BUP). She has worked for many years with refugee children in Norway and children in war zones, on trauma, sexual abuse of children, and the effects of child sexual abuse in adulthood.

Josefin Larson has a Masters Degree in psychology. Her research focuses on culture and social psychology, especially in multicultural societies.

Elisabeth Ng Langdal is the Executive Director of Health and Human Rights Info. She has a masters degree in human geography and a bachelor in media studies from Oslo University. In addition to run the Health and Human Rights Info resource data-base on the consequences of human rights violations on mental health, she has for the last eight years been working within the priority area of gender based violence.

Plain Sense has given valuable input regarding pedagogical layout, editing, design and in finalising the manual. 

Economic contributors

The development of this manual was funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Project Mental Health.

The views expressed are those of HHRI and do not necessarily represent the policies of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs or Project Mental Health.